Note: I do not answer calls from unknown numbers.

Messaging me from Eros, 411, THH or TNA is required, unless you can provide a current, valid reference.

Texting is the quickest way to reach me. If you're able to plan in advance, we will set an appointment if you complete screening. It's not a difficult or intrusive endeavor, but appointments are not set before that time.

Keep in mind I lead a vibrant, rich life and I'm not home unless I need to be. To be cleared in advance, send your name, phone, a reference and how she would prefer to be contacted, along with her contact info. If you're a newbie you won't have that info, so just introduce yourself in an email as you would if we met at a party in public. 

When we finally meet, we will chat for a few minutes. This allows us to get acquainted. It's important to note that this is a requirement of mine. We will warm up before we go for a hike, so to speak. There are many places within blocks of my office where we can meet for coffee. Alternatively, I may host you in my home, which is private, extremely clean and appointed with everything you might need to freshen up after a hike. 

When you come to see me you won't have to deal with any pets or pet hair, strong odors or fragrances, roommates, or nosy neighbors. Your car will be safely parked outside in a neighborhood where people aren't going to be wondering what you're doing there. You're simply seeing a friend.

Portland companion and travel partner.

Text (503) 298-6811or email to be screened, or scroll down for my online form. If you're a newbie, just email to introduce yourself. 

Response times:

Text:  almost always within two hours. Usually a few minutes.

Email and direct messages: 24 hours

Phone calls: If you leave a detailed message, 24 hours

If I have not responded to you in a timely manner, nudge me, as I am human and occasionally make mistakes. If I don't respond, you should move on.

IMPORTANT: If it is your intent to make an appointment with me, you should know I have a transparent but firm cancellation and rescheduling policy. Appointments are made for a specific time but Portland traffic these days necessitates a good 15 minute grace period. Please, if you make an appointment, keep it and show up on time. Outside of the grace period, I can't promise I will see you. This is not to punish you but to keep my life on schedule.

Even More Important: it is imperative you do not bring up sex or anything having to do with it with me in any way shape or form. Not on the phone. Not in a text message. Not in an email. I will terminate the conversation and block you. Agreeing to have sex for payment is illegal. I am paid for companionship, and I am never paid for sex. 

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