Part adventuress, part homebody, I landed in Portland seven years ago in search of a more inclusive community where people were free to celebrate and express their love and sexuality openly. While it isn't quite the eutopia I placed on it, Portland is a great town I'm proud to call home. An article written way back in 2000 that I read for a class got me thinking and challenged some long-held beliefs of mine. Here's the article. Many of my clients share a sex-positive outlook.

In addition to working as a Portland companion, I attend college full time. The time I have for seeing clients is limited and I see the people who I have the most fun with. I do all I can to ensure we both will have an amazing time together.  A big part of that is screening, which serves two purposes. One, I need to feel good about the person I'm agreeing to meet in private. Two, knowing more about you allows me to weigh whether or not our preferences align. To that end, references are like the good word a friend puts in for you before a blind date, so you can imagine how much they help in moving us toward a rendezvous. If you have them, please do provide them! 

Text to initiate conversation (503) 298-6811 and reference your handle. Then send a message from your Eros, 411, THH or TNA account. Newbie? Say so. I love newbies who can quickly get up to speed on how this works.

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